Office insurance

Protects your premises and equipment from unexpected events, like fire, flood or vandalism, for instance.

office insurance policy

There is a big chance your business has an office. Either in a building you own, rented office or a hot desk at a shared place. If this is the case, the office insurance will protect your premises and equipment from unexpected events, like fire, flood or vandalism, for instance. As well as any business interruption that leads to loss of income and equipment breakdown.

Who is the office insurance suitable for?

Mistakes happen. Some errors can be bigger than others and can result in great costs to your business or even interrupt your work flow, leading to losses. If you don’t like to bet on your luck and you don’t want to jeopardise the business you’ve created – this is the right commercial insurance for you and your business.

For example, some of the businesses that need office insurance include:

  • Attorneys;
  • Architects and commercial artists;
  • Dentists, vets and oral surgeons;
  • Medical and dental offices;
  • Ticket agencies;
  • Trade associations;
  • Brokers and real estate agents.


The office insurance may include different coverages tailored especially for your type of business or office. For example, it may include coverages against:

  • structural faults, damage or loss to office furniture, property and equipment, public and employer liability;
  • damage caused by fires (accidental or by arson attack), floods, subsidence, heave and moving land;
  • theft – in or away from the office;
  • an interruption in income if you need to shut down business unexpectedly;

In other words, feel confident knowing your office space is protected with office insurance coverage from Argo Insurance and feel free to focus on the more important things, like your business and employees, for example.

The key to getting the best out of your policy is working with the right insurance company. So, contact our agents and we will make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

All content is for general information purposes and does not constitute insurance or legal advice.

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