Group Vision Insurance

Group Vision Insurance is an important benefit for your employees.

In this digital world, our everyday tasks require to use our eyes to read, scan or view a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer screen. That can lead to potential long-term vision problems. Therefore, group vision insurance is more important than ever.

Also, healthy vision is an important component of overall wellness of your employees. Regular eye exams can help uncover serious health conditions and early signs of vision problems. Because vision insurance is an important part of a complete benefits package, it can also help you to attract and retain great employees. As a result your business results could increase.

Who is Group Vision Insurance suitable for?

Vision Insurance is an important benefit for your employees. Keep your employees satisfied with vision insurance from Argo. It’s not expensive at all, but it can mean a lot for your employees.

Groups that we work with :

  • Corporations
  • Non For Profit Entities
  • Government Entities
  • School Districts
  • Partnerships


We have a wide range of coverage that can help you tailor your insurance options. Some of them can include even routine eye exams, or portion of the cost for prescription glasses or contacts. However, it’s up to you to determine what will be in best interest for your company.

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