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Whether you are selling new or used cars, Car dealers insurance is vital for your business

car dealers insurance

Car dealers insurance is vital for any business dealing with trade of automobiles. We provide the right solution for you, so you can keep up the ever-growing demands of the car dealing business.

We get that your business is specific because you face unique issues on a daily basis. Furthermore, your customers have high demands that change every day. So, we offer the perfect insurance for all you car dealers out there.

Who is it suitable for?

Whether you are selling new or used cars, you probably have a car lot full of cars in stock. And they all have a considerable value. But what if something were to happen to your vehicles? Get stolen or destroyed in a fire, for example. Can you easily continue doing business as usual after that?

Our car dealers insurance is suitable for every business that deals with car sales, including:

  • Automobile dealers
  • Truck dealers
  • Trailer dealers

We offer an insurance product that can help you:

  • minimise car dealership risks;
  • take care for your customers and employees safety;
  • protect your inventory and business property.

Car dealers insurance coverages

We offer:

  • General liability – protection for your business in the event that someone makes a claim against it;
  • Auto insurance – protection for automobiles used in the course and scope of your business;
  • Cyber security – protection for you business in the events of data breach and cyber attacks;
  • Office insurance – essential business coverage for your work office;
  • Umbrella insurance – covers large unexpected events that can have a devastating impact on your business.

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