Umbrella Insurance

Get the protection you need for your family assets.

umbrella insurance

With our Umbrella insurance options we provide extra liability coverage that can help you protect your assets, such as your home, car and boat. It can also help you cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

Umbrella policies are sold both as part of a package and monoline. Higher limits for high net worth individuals and families are available. Umbrella policies are written over your underlying home, personal auto, motorcycle, boat and specialty vehicle policies.

Who is it for?

The umbrella coverage is especially valuable for high net worth families and families with young drivers. But it can also be suitable for everyone, especially if you:

  • Own a home
  • Own a car
  • Have pets
  • Have kids
  • Travel abroad
  • Rent or own recreational vehicle
  • Have regular income, assets, or retirement savings to protect

Coverages we offer:

  • Personal injury
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Vacation rental liability
  • Defense coverage
  • Property damage
  • Liability

These are the standard coverages for our umbrella insurance policy. But we have many more so that we can tailor an insurance policy to fit your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

The best way to see the price is to simply get an instant free no obligation quote with the options and coverage you want. Also, you can call us to discuss the right options for you.

All content is for general information purposes and does not constitute insurance or legal advice.

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