Repair Shop Insurance

Coverage for garage and repair shop owners against variety of liabilities

repair shop insurance

There are many people who’s job and livelihood depend on their vehicle. So, when their car or truck brakes, it is up to you to fix things up and get them back on the road as fast as you can. In order to do this, you have to be protected from unexpected problems like fire, flood, theft and injuries, for example. Therefore, you need Argo Insurance’s repair shop insurance.

Who is the repair shop insurance suitable for?

The repair shop insurance is perfect for all garage and repair shop owners, because it gives them protection against variety of liabilities. For instance, customer slips and falls, damages resulting from faulty work, employee injury etc.

Generally, the repair shop insurance is suitable for businesses with physical location that deal with vehicle repairs and storage:

  • Automotive repair shops;
  • Body shops;
  • Tow or impound lots;
  • Muffler shops;
  • Transmission shops;
  • Auto dealerships;
  • Tire and battery repair facilities;
  • many more.


Main coverages:

  • Garagekeepers Liability – against liability from physical damage of a customer’s vehicle, while under you care;
  • Garage liability – protects property damage and bodily injury resulting from operations;
  • Dealer physical damage – protection for owned autos, motorcycles, trucks and trailers owned by the dealership and held for sale.

Additional coverages:

  • Commercial Auto – commercial policy for business vehicles, including tow trucks and pickup trucks;
  • Workers’ Compensation – covers the medical costs and portion of wages in case of employee injury.
  • Business income;

What does it cost?

The repair shop insurance cost depends on several factors. Including type of work, claims history, coverage needs etc. For example, some businesses will pay less for their insurance, because they are claim free.

in conclusion, don’t wait for bad things to happen, because then it may be too late for your business. Give us a call and we will help you pick up the best commercial insurance for your business.

All content is for general information purposes and does not constitute insurance or legal advice.

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