Voluntary Benefits

An addition to the core benefit program representing an extra, which the employee can opt to use at their expense.

voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits plan is a group of benefits employers can offer to their employees to use. The use of the said benefits is completely voluntary, hence the name. Usually, the voluntary benefits are paid for by the employee, if he/she chooses to use it, through a payroll deductions plan. Typically, the benefits are offered in addition to the core benefit program and represent an extra, which the employee can choose to use at their expense.

Since employees pay for the benefits, they are of no cost to the employer. Usually, the most common example of such benefits is insurance. Most of the time this means lower premium costs per individual, since the insurance is offered at group level.

What does Argo’s Voluntary benefits plan include?

If you choose Argo Insurance’s Voluntary benefit plan, you can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Medical
  • Hospital Expense Reimbursement
  • Group Pet Coverage

Why offer Voluntary Benefits?

Voluntary benefits are a useful plan for both the employer and the employees. For example:

  • you, as an employer, can offer your employees a wider range of benefits, which can attract new employees and help retain current ones;
  • the benefits are of almost no cost to the employer, because employees pay themselves;
  • the plan is customisable to the employees needs. They choose which benefits to use;
  • employees pay via payroll deduction, which is a convenient way to pay for such services;
  • the benefits can be offered to all types of employees, both full-time and part-time;
  • the plan can be offered as an upgrade to an already existing paid benefits, for example.

Why choose our benefits plan?

We offer great options to fit your employees needs. For instance:

  • Effective implementation process;
  • We work with your individual employees to choose the best plan for them;
  • Government compliance issues

If, above all, you want to make your company the desired employer or you just want to show your employees you care – don’t hesitate. Argo’s Voluntary benefits plan is the best choice for your company and staff.

Contact us and our agents will create a customised offer that tends to the needs of your employees and company.

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