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How do the different insurances benifit your family well-being

It’s true that when it comes to insurances it can be very confusing and difficult to understand what exactly you need. Here is a brief explanation how the different insurances work and why do they benefit you and your family.


1. Life insurance

Life insurance becomes fundamental after you build your family and business. There is a certain point when we realize we will not be able to be there for our beloved ones. Therefore, we have to take care of them in advance. Your family will be protected financially when you are no longer around which will allow your children to go to collage and your spouse to take care of the mortgage and any existing bond in your name. A life cover will also ensure the coverage of your debts such as loans and credit cards.

Obtaining such kind of insurance is extremely important especially if you are a parent to young children who are highly dependent on you. Same goes for anyone who wants to leave an inheritance which is possible if you buy a life insurance policy and name someone as beneficiaries.

A parent always dreams to be present during the most important steps in their children’s life. By having a life insurance you will be able to support your kids for their wedding or to start their own business in case you are no longer around.

A life insurance may  be quite cheap, depending on the type of policy you choose, so you do not have a lot of excuses knowing how helpful one can be for your family.


2. Vehicle Insurance

Driving has turned into a main habit but we don’t actually realize it is a pretty dangerous activity. Even though you might be the best driver you never know the one driving next to you. An accident could happen with the blink of an eye.

Other times you cannot predict the weather – hail storm or a falling tree that may cause severe damage to your vehicle.

When you purchase a vehicle insurance you protect your automobile or truck, which is probably one of the biggest investment that you’d made. The insurance will cover any kind of accidents from a car crash to weather-related incidents or even vandalism and theft.

If an accident occurs the insurance will take care of the medical bills and will be incredibly useful during a lawsuit.

Imagine if you don’t have a vehicle insurance – the people whose fault is the accident will have to pay straight out of their pockets while the injured ones will have to cover all medical bills.

This is why it is very important to choose the best car insurance and understand the policy.

3. Home insurance

Our home is our fortress. We spend too much time and effort to create our own space. However, our place is often at risk and it is out of our hands to control every situation that may occur. This is why we have to make sure we will secure it.

A home coverage will protect you and your family in case any of your home belongings are damaged. If your home has been destroyed by fire, earthquake or by any other circumstance, the insurance will pay out for your stay in a hotel as well, while your place is being repaired.

Few home insurance tips:

  • Make sure you are provided with an adequate coverage to ensure the value of everything you own

  • Make sure you know the actual worth of your home by getting a valuation on the property

  • Take an inventory of all your belongings  - you will desperately need one when you make a claim

  • Check policy details before committing

Even though insurance might seem tricky as you commit to pay on monthly basis for something that may never happen, it brings you the promise that when an accident actually occurs your carrier will be there for you. This does not only bring peace to the mind but also ensures your family and your business. Last but not least, insurance is compulsory in some states.

Roses are red violets are blue st. Valentine’s day might hurt you! 5 funny st. Valentine’s day fails

55% of all Americans will celebrate st. Valentine’s this year spending more than 19 billion dollars. Before putting this special date into the calendar though, keep in mind that not everyone has survived the V-day in an absolutely accident-free way. Here are 5 Valentine’s day fails which might make you consider choosing a proper insurance rather than the perfect gift.


When the perfect surprise goes horribly wrong

Although we do not really need a special day to show how much we love each when the 14th of February starts to knock on the door the idea of finding the perfect present for our sweetheart obsesses us. Some go too far though. In the urge to prove our feelings and create once in a lifetime experience for the ones we love we might end up giving an unforgettable gift but quite in the bad way. Just like this car surprise fail which will rather make you end up searching for the best vehicle insurance than a nice Valentine’s day gift.

Valentine's day car surprise

Funny Valentine’s Fail

Valentines day car fail


When love knocks you down…literally

What a better way to express your love towards your soulmate than a marriage proposal on st. Valentine’s day. It may sound cheesy but it could also turn into a great love story to share with the grandchildren one day. Not in the case of this poor man who organized a surprise proposal in the mall with a serenade only to get knocked down with an ukulele. Get married or get covered? Choose the perfect ring or the best life insurance?

Seriously love sick

We all know how it feels like when love makes us lose appetite or sleep. Not to mention the butterflies, the heartbeat and the sweating. You might think the worst part of being love sick is being heartbroken. Not until you get a love bug. Millions of dollars will be spent on the night of the 14th of February in romantic dinner all over America. Food and alcohol poisoning though turns out to be a very common issue on that special night. Medical reports claim that the overconsumption of food allergens like seafood, cheese, chocolate and nuts are the main reason of massive stomach problems. Instead of having a happy ending you can end up in the ER.

 Valentines day chocolate food poisoning


When love truly hurts

There is no rational explanation why people decide to spice up their intimate life exactly on st. Valentine’s day. Whether it is experimenting with new places or trying out all those funky Cosmo advises, the rates of unusual accidents skyrocket on this particular day. From broken limbs to burns and scratches surviving the 14th of February might be a real challenge.


When the passion heats up

Statistics show that things tend to heat up on V-day and sparkles turn literally into raging fires caused by forgotten candles. Authorities also warn about accidents on the road as drivers tempt to celebrate the holiday with a few glasses of red wine.

Whether you are going to celebrate st. Valentine’s day or not make sure you are going to spend it with the right company and enjoy yourself. And stay out of trouble, kids.

Donald Trump’s Interstate Health Insurance – Yay or Nay?

Since the very beginning of his campaign Donald Trump has declared his intention to repeal and replace Obamacare. According to the Boston Globe, the newly elected President and the Republican leaders in Congress will continue to push the idea of allowing health insurers to sell across state lines.This idea also won the approval of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who proposed a health care plan as well. Here are more insights on the matter.

Up to date, insurers are obliged to follow the laws of every state where they sell health insurances. The changes that Trump wants to implement would allow insurance companies to sell their plans throughout different states. This means that any health insurer licensed in Chicago, Illinois would be able to sell coverage to clients in Florida, for example. Experts believe this might lead to better service and a greater choice for clients as competition will rise and so will the variety of plans. It is also a way to deal with the monopoly in the sector.

As a result, costs will also drop which, according to Trump, may resolve the problem with the ever-escalating health care costs. In contrast, health care specialists warn that such change might lead to massive disruption in the insurance industry, affecting consumers protection and some core health care reforms. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Trump’s idea is welcomed with great suspicion by state insurance regulators, the industry and independent health care analysts. According to them, this has already been tried out and did not work out as expected. What is more, Edmund Haislmaier, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, stated that the interstate insurance might bring some benefits but it will definitely not solve the problem with the non-stop flying prices.

In 2010 the Obamacare law set some ground rules for insurers who are part of the subsidized health insurance program. These regulations resolved around a strict prohibition against considering whether an applicant is suitable or not depending on his past medical conditions. The insurers can only consider the applicant’s age and location when selecting premium prices.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners announced that while some say interstate sales health insurance policies might make coverage more affordable the reality check shows similar practices led to the financial collapse in the past years. What the association fears is that “It would also make insurance less available, make insurers less accountable, and prevent regulators from assisting consumers in their states”.

State officials also complain that interstate insurance will affect the state’s traditional role in regulating the industry and will increase the government’s influence in the sector.

Another question that specialist raise is which regulations and requirements will last and will insurers tend to choose to sell coverage in states where the standards are looser. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners also warns that “interstate sales will start a race to the bottom by allowing companies to choose their regulators.” As a result this might lead to a scenario where the youngest and healthiest customers will pay the least expensive premiums while the sick and old will face a challenge.

Last but not least, cross state insurance sales might also increase fraud or any other irregularities such as the lack of proper network. In order to sell insurance policy, insurers should have a local network of hospitals and doctors so how would this work out when it comes to other states.



Holidays are for family reunions, traditional food and friends. The fuzz around the festive season sometimes starts months before that and we often get carried away with the preparation for the big date – the Christmas day. Bear in mind though that statistics show accidents and housebreaking at that time of the year are extremely high. Here is some accurate advice how to keep your home and family protected.

There is definitely something in the air when the festive season starts to approach. People become much more generous. They buy expensive presents for their dearest and nearest or simply reward themselves for being good throughout the whole year. Normally, we hide those gifts so that our family member’s cannot find them. Burglars actually can. In fact, thieves are well aware that your place turns into a gold mine around Christmas. From jewelry for the Mrs., to technology for the kiddies and even expensive food and wine, housebreakers know exactly how and where to find all those valuable treasures.

This is why you have to make it a bit more difficult for them. Do not display your Christmas tree close to the window. Thieves go for easy access and easy escape. Don’t show your gifts to the whole world. Rather choose a place in your house that no one can spot from the street. Same goes to social media. Nowadays burglars not only spy on your home, they stalk you in Facebook, Instagram and Twittter. Be smart when you post your Christmas decoration.

Used to tearing apart all those shiny well-wrapped gifts and then just throwing away the boxes as well? You basically provide the burglars with the latest catalogue of what can be found in your house. Yes, they do check your trash. Better find a more recycling friendly opportunity to deal with the packaging waste.

All those anti-housebreaking advices apply when you are at home during the holidays but the game becomes serious the minute you depart from the airport if not earlier. Mantras and some voodoo magic might help but just in case make sure you close all windows and doors, hide the already hidden spare keys, tell a neighbor to look after the place and double-check if you haven’t recorded one of those voice mails where you give detailed information where and how long you are away.

When all the basic safety requirements are ticked go for the details. Best way to do it is to think like a burglar. What are the main signs of inactivity or absence of occupants? Piles of newspapers, the same lights that stay on 24/7, or the opposite – lights off.  Also, don’t make the huge mistake to run external lights and then leave all those wires carelessly hanging from the windows. Instead, ask an electrician to sort out this for you in such way you can have both beautiful outside decoration and properly closed windows.

Unfortunately, housebreaking is not the only bad luck you can experience throughout the holidays. Believe it or not but your home can be the most dangerous place around Christmas and New Year’s eve. You cannot only fall from a ladder while decorating or slip on that glittering wrapping paper but you can also end up in a scenario from Hell’s Kitchen in your own house with all that cooking going around.

Last but not least, your home turns into a minefield with all those lights, candles and the fireplace. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the number of accidental fires around the festive season reach peak numbers. Make sure you don’t leave all those burning things unattended and never go to bed or outside the house without double checking that all sparkling, inflammable objects are secured. And if this is not enough – one word – fireworks!

Whether you will spend the holidays home with your family or travel to an exotic destination make sure you have all your ducks in a row in order to have a peaceful and safe celebration.


5 Things to Know Before Buying Car Insurance

Is there anything more exciting than owning your first car?  Sure, you had a beater that your parents bought and insured for you, but this is different. This is your first grown-up car and it’s beautiful.  But you know keeping it beautiful is your responsibility, so you do the responsible thing and start looking into car insurance.  Smart move.  Here are some tips to help you find the most appropriate and affordable car insurance.
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How to keep your head above water— and your insurance rates under control

Staying-afloatAs flood water rises so do insurance rates. That’s why coastal states have been hit hardest with increased premiums (in recent years, Florida rates jumped more than 90%). Even if you don’t border the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, odds are you’re paying more now than when you first signed on.

According to the Associated Press, the cost of homeowners insurance across the country rose 36% from 2003 to 2010 due to many factors, from the economy to natural disasters. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your insurance bills don’t become a disaster.
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FMCSA Adopts new rule concerning Hours of Service for CDL Drivers

A press release from the FMCSA announces new rules concernig hour of service regulations to be effective in January.

WASHINGTON – The nation’s 3.5 million truck drivers will be limited to driving for only 11 hours and working for no more than 14 hours each day under a new rule issued today by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The final rule is based on an exhaustive scientific review and designed to ensure truck drivers get the necessary rest to perform safe operations and the quality of life they deserve, the agency’s Administrator, John Hill, noted.
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Prices fall due to economic slowdown

New data reflects worsening economic conditions. The data shows that slowing economy and credit squeezed consumer continue to put downward pressure on prices.

In a press release, the department of labor reported today that the U.S. Import Price Index fell for the fourth consecutive month, decreasing 6.7 percent in November as falling prices for both petroleum and non-petroleum imports contributed to the decline.
Export prices declined 3.2 percent in November, the fourth consecutive monthly decrease.

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ARGO INS CO is now a member of The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

NAS_5026[1]The RoCCI was formed in summer of 2009 in response to the growing need for a chamber that would bring together and promote businesses and organizations in the U.S. that are either owned or managed by Romanian-Americans.

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an important organization not only for its members and the Romanian-American community. It also coordinates activities and events with local American chambers of commerce as well as other European chambers of commerce located in Illinois in order to improve domestic & international business contacts.

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